About Us

In August 2021 I welcomed my daughter and was very quickly introduced to the shock of newborn sleep, or should I say lack of sleep. And nothing can prepare first time parents for that! After weeks and weeks of long nights I found myself Googling absolutely anything and everything to try to help my daughter (and myself) get a decent sleep. I stumbled upon the Snoo! At the time I didn't even know anything like the Snoo even existed! And what a God send it was! I was finally able to put my little girl down and have the Snoo rock her so I could get some sleep myself! Nothing compares to those newborn cuddles, but Mum and Dad need sleep too!


The whole experience got me thinking how can we help other families going through a rough start like we did? With the Snoo’s hefty price tag of just under $2k AUD, it is unfortunately out of reach for a lot of families, especially when you consider bassinets only are used for a maximum of 6 months. So we decided to start Baby Snooze and offer Snoo hire for Adelaide families to get the benefits of the Snoo for a fraction of the cost - just another thing to help you sleep better! 


Lozz 😴